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When You're the Micromanager (Part 2 of 2)

  1. control every part, however small, of (an enterprise or activity). 
It's hard, right? When you're a manager and you want to ensure the work is getting done in the right way and on time.... OR.... you're an employee and you're dealing with a manager who's trying to control and monitor every aspect of your work. 
Our last post was written for employees. 
Now, what do you do if YOU'RE the micromanager? 
First, how do you know if you're micromanaging people? This can be a tough one, but here are some tips to recognize your actions: 
  • You ask for status updates anytime the desire for information pops into your head
  • You don't trust that your employee(s) are working on what you want them to
  • You don't trust that your employees are working, at all, unless you can see them working 
  • With remote work you've implemented, or requested, one of those remote tracking softwares - you know, the things that track keystrokes or eye...
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Dealing with Micromanagers at Work (1 of 2)

  1. control every part, however small, of (an enterprise or activity). 
It's hard, right? When you're a manager and you want to ensure the work is getting done in the right way and on time.... OR.... you're an employee and you're dealing with a manager who's trying to control and monitor every aspect of your work. 
Here are some ways to cope, from an employee's perspective. More advice to come for managers!

Ask: What’s the micromanager’s motivation?

People may micromanage for different reasons. Often, they don’t know how else to manage; they may have to deal with a micromanager themselves and require info from you to pass on; or, they may think they’re supporting you by checking on tasks. You may be able to figure this out on your own through reflection and observation, or, you may have to ask them - tactfully - about it. 

Example: “I notice that most of our conversations are about tasks rather than how...

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A New Year's Reflection on Purpose

perk purpose Dec 16, 2021

'Tis the season!

Resolutions are simply promises we make, whether to ourselves or others. New Year's resolutions tend to be those we make that somehow connect to being better people - or perhaps, behaving in a manner more in the way we want to behave. 

For me, that brings to mind purpose and values. It is never a bad idea to reflect on our WHY - why do you want to make that particular resolution? Why haven't you made that change yet? Why do you want to behave differently? Sometimes better understanding our WHY helps us to get to the right how

At work, too often, when someone asks "Why?" they get told some variation of "Well that's how we've always done it." (I have literally been told this. And some of my clients have, too.) 

Don't get me wrong: Familiarity is a nice thing to experience, when we're stressed, or when it's a family custom at the holidays. 


When we break away from what's familiar, then we can start to:

  • Innovate
  • Simplify
  • ...
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It's the Bingo No One Wants to Play

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2021


If you have a bingo, or if you're concerned people you supervise have a bingo, please, call us.

Special thanks to Introvert Doodles for the wonderful illustration. 

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The Thing About Burnout Is...

“People are not respecting each other’s time or calendars. I think we need a communications training. Can you help us?”


“We need a training on managing remotely. Also, on how managers can help their teams not burn out. Can you help us?”


“We need a manager training. There’s a lot of burnout in our industry. Can you train our managers to have more empathy?” 


These are real requests I’ve received from clients, clients with good intentions who wish to make positive change in their workplace. They want to inspire better manners, more positivity, better feedback and communication, more empathy and positive behaviors. 

Yet the underlying issue here - ending the burnout epidemic - is not going to be solved just because someone does a training. 

That’s the thing about burnout: it’s a multifactored problem that requires a complete change in how people work. One or two trainings, even those...

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Resilience: The Work Skill Everyone Needs

Remember April 2020? If you were like me, normal everyday actions like buying a cup of coffee or getting groceries filled you with anxiety or dread. Perhaps you'd stopped these actions entirely, making coffee at home from groceries delivered to your door.

Do you remember how you felt about work at the time? 

Anxiety and stress at work has absolutely increased because of the covid pandemic, but I have stories about losing sleep at work and colleagues crying in their cars in the parking lot from years back. 

Toxic coworkers, an always-on work culture, low pay, lack of health insurance or paid time off... the list of reasons we get burned out at work is a long one and covid-19 is only one of them. 

So how do you build resilience, for yourself AND for people looking to your leadership?

The good news is, tools to build resilience for yourself will help others - through modeling and enforcing boundaries, self-care behaviors, and a growth mindset.

Here's a...

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Engaged Teams: How to End the Great Resignation At YOUR Company

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2021

Recently I asked a group of people WHY they think the great resignation is happening.

The answer two of them gave was: unemployment benefits are more generous so people are choosing not to work, just get $$ mailed to them from the government.

This is FALSE.

First, unemployment benefits (at least federally) are back down to the bare minimum. And studies show that people receiving unemployment have trouble making basic ends meet - meaning, rent, mortgage, food.

This isn't a post to bash unemployment (though personally I'm all for a universal basic income to level the playing field - having shelter and enough food to maintain your health are basic human rights. /soapbox).

It's to make the point that, when millions of Americans month after month choose to quit their jobs without having another job set up, it means they are MISERABLE at work.

It's time for a reset.

First, let’s be real - the “great resignation” is not hype. And it’s not about unemployment...

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Learn the Secrets to Building a Happier Workforce

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2021

Our new series of online workshops teaches five keys to a happier workforce. 

Join us to learn practical tips to combat turnover, raise morale, and increase your team's productivity. Once a month, from October 2021 through February 2022, we'll hold public workshops diving into five essential topics for leaders.

*Updated 10/25/2021

What are the keys? 

There are four keys to building a happier company culture: 

Purpose, Engagement, Resilience, and Kindness (PERK).

Our fifth topic is conflict management - because disagreements can happen even in close-knit groups. 

In fact, nearly 30% of workplace stress is caused by other people. The other issues reported most commonly by workers across industries are managing one’s workload and juggling work with other life commitments (family, friends, self-care, hobbies, etc.). All of this stress can be alleviated through really great management - especially if you, as a leader in your company, commit to taking the time to...

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Good meetings: When Is an Online Meeting Better than In-person or Hybrid?

meetings online meetings Sep 12, 2021

Recently, I was part of a hybrid meeting where conversation incorporated looking back at covid challenges and looking forward to ways we might work in the future. Those of us who chose to be online mostly did so in order to avoid being in a crowded room. 

To some of us, it feels like “the end of covid” is nowhere in sight. 

One of the most interesting parts of the conversation, to me, was about adaptability and collaboration. Humans crave connection, and we seek ways to build it into our lives when it’s absent. 

Sometimes, my online work feels easier and more successful than work I used to do in the room with clients, and other times it feels like I’m comparing apples and oranges - our interactions and how I design them can be that different. One specific way in which my online facilitations are better is that it has become much easier for me to incorporate visuals into our work, using icons and images found online or within a given whiteboard...

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Why a Mediator Helps Leaders Build Happier Workforces

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2021

I posted on LinkedIn recently about how someone suggested I completely rebrand myself and my business if I'm going to do this "Happier Workforces" thing. 

In a way, it’s really very simple: I am trained in mediation, and happy to provide that service - and I also realize many clients would prefer to never have to hire a mediator - so, we work together to build the culture that emphasizes and embraces trust and happiness. Perhaps working myself out of a job, yes - but I’m cynical enough to believe that there will always be at least a small need for mediators! 

I have realized in the past that my services don't always seem to go together, at first glance, for a lot of people.

I've ignored business and sales coaches who tell new business owners and consultants to "niche down" and get super specific about what they do and who they serve. If you're talking to everyone, they say, you’re talking to no one - because no one hears you speaking to them.

(This just...

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