Chantilly Mediation and Facilitation



Gina and Chantilly Mediation and Facilitation are more than just a pleasure to work with, they produce results. In April 2019 Gina facilitated three sessions for the staff at NVMS. The goal of the sessions was to build consensus among team members about marketing language that we can use to describe our services. Gina did thorough preparations for the sessions and synthesized all of the results from our discussions, including actual language that we will start to use immediately in our marketing and recommendations for additional next steps we can take. I hope to have more opportunities to work with Chantilly Mediation and Facilitation in the future!

Ariel Gordon

Client, NVMS Conflict Resolution Center

Gina’s workshop was informative and thought-provoking as our team is always looking for ways to keep our employees engaged and happy. 

‘Listen! How to be a Better Manager’ was an excellent presentation on how we can utilize our active listening to improve our roles as leaders in our organization.  We look forward to having Gina return for future trainings and workshops!

Ashley McGlawn

Client, Legal Services of Northern Virginia, Inc.

Gina is a natural leader who exudes poise and confidence. She is smart, strategic, goal oriented, and resourcefully works through challenges and obstacles.

Gina is highly skilled at bringing people together and engaging them to act around a common goal. With her outstanding listening and communications skills, Gina excelled at leading cross departmental teams within the organization and stepped up to take on leadership responsibilities within diverse coalition efforts.

Lisa B. Winjum

Former Supervisor

I’ve worked with Gina multiple times over the last 3 years. I’ve watched her handle crowds and lead discussions and trainings, and she’s very engaging. In fact, all her trainings are interactive as well as evidence-based - she loves research and always wants to provide the latest and most accurate information to her clients. She’s very passionate about creating happy workplaces, where everyone is productive and engaged. I highly recommend Gina for these kinds of trainings and for any kind of meeting facilitation.

Zeeshan Paracha

Client, Diligent Solutions