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Conflict Resolution

We help resolve your conflicts at work with mediated conversations.


We have a variety of off-the-shelf, as well as customized trainings, for your whole team.


Fully participate in your strategy or programmatic meetings with guided, objective facilitation.

Emotional Intelligence

Assess your own skill sets and learn how they interact with stressors. 

Create a happier workplace

Most Americans spend half of their awake hours at work. And, most Americans say that the people they work with stress them out more than any other aspect of their jobs. We can do better.

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How to Be a Better Manager

Be the leader they trust. Empower your team to do better, using empathy.

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Learn the why & how for active listening at work. Improve your trustworthiness and productivity by learning to listen to your team. Download our guide - a 10-page book - to active listening now.

"Gina’s been an amazing addition to our team. She helped us think through our goals, helped create the agenda, and helped walk us through beforehand. When the time came, we had a successful and meaningful session."

Kate Janich
Rowan Tree, A Coworking + Cogrowth Space

"Everyone can benefit from the skills she shares. There would be a lot less stress in our days if we used the tools Gina teaches in her workshops!"

Debbie Smith
National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, DC Chapter

"We so appreciate how open and creative she is. Whether you are looking for support in conflict resolution, in trainings or in facilitation, we absolutely recommend Chantilly Mediation and Facilitation."

Amy Dagliano
Rowan Tree, A Coworking + Cogrowth Space

"Listen! How to be a Better Manager was an excellent presentation on how we utilize our active listening to improve our roles as leaders in our organization."

Ashley McGlawn
Legal Services of Northern Virginia, Inc.

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The latest ideas and tips on a happier workforce, emotional intelligence, and resolving conflict.


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