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Create the culture they love.

We specialize in helping leaders build happier workforces. The Happier Workforce Cohort is a deep learning commitment of six months, approximately 3-4 hours per month, for business leaders.

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Helping Leaders Make Happier Workplaces

There are two themes that tie together all our services: Every engagement is a participatory process, where everyone involved gets to be part of the decision-making and learning. Every service contributes to a happier, more positive culture.

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We help resolve all kinds of conflict at work. Typically, we use mediation or run a facilitated conversation.


Mediation is a process in which a trained, neutral third party helps people create mutually satisfying solutions to some dispute or communication problem. Every mediation ends with people who understand what is expected of them. And, they have already agreed to meet those expectations.


  • Chronic lateness or absenteeism.

  • An employee or contractor not meeting expectations.

  • Contractors or sales people misrepresenting your firm.

  • Coworkers whose argumentative relationship gets in the way of productivity.

  • Unhappy clients looking for remediation or ways to improve the working relationship.

  • Or, you and your business partner just aren’t seeing eye-to-eye anymore.

Facilitated conversations simply allow those in conflict to talk about the issues at hand while a neutral third party is present and assisting in brainstorming a resolution.

Mediation is confidential, voluntary, and typically less expensive than either firing and hiring a new employee or using a lawyer for legal services.

All our conflict resolution services are typically arranged through a team leader, business owner, or HR representative. But if you’re dealing with a problem yourself, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 703-951-6647. 

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  • PERK Up Your Workforce

  • *Listen! How to Be a Better Manager* - now offered online

  • Resolve Conflict Now

  • Empathy for Client Communications

  • How Not to Lose It

    Contact us for customized trainings to teach your team how to be a better leader; how to build an engaged, productive, and resilient team; and how to resolve conflicts at work.

Our trainings are always research-based and include practice skill development exercises.


  • Have seen an uptick in stress and a decrease in productivity on your team.

  • Want to learn keys to becoming a better manager or team leader.

  • Are putting together a larger meeting or retreat and need to spend part of the time on setting ground rules.

  • Feel like your team needs to define its own group norms.

  • Are worried about a difficult relationship potentially escalating into a hostile situation.

  • Hear about or observe ethnic or racial jokes or slurs in the office.

  • Were told you need to listen to your staff or clients more.

Trainings can help you:
- Get clear about purpose
- Advocate for inclusivity and respect
- Set up managers for success
- Find tips and tricks to stay on track and get creative
For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 703-951-6647.


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Special Training Now Offered Online!

* Be the leader employees feel heard by, appreciated, and trust. *Listen! How to Be a Better Manager is an online self-paced course. 


Whenever you wonder if hiring a professional facilitator is worth the expense, the answer is yes.

Hiring a professional facilitator allows you to fully participate in the meeting process - whether it is focused on decision-making, strategic or programmatic planning, project management, team-building, or just an exploration of a specific issue.

At CM+F. we focus on team building explorations of values, mission, vision, and purpose. We specialize in building consensus in groups.



  • Consult with you to figure out what’s needed for your team.

  • Help you clarify meeting goals and expectations.

  • Make sure the right people are invited to participate.

  • Identify a process for the group to make decisions.

  • Ensure all participants feel welcome and heard.

  • Hold people accountable for the decision-making process.

  • Ensure the meeting sticks to the predefined time.

  • Use research-backed methods to build team productivity.

Consultations are always necessary for facilitation because every team’s needs and goals are unique. There are so many options for holding great conversations that advance a group’s thinking, build community, and make better-quality decisions.

Call us if your team needs to:

  • Define the team’s or organization’s purpose, vision, and mission.

  • Hold social impact discussions.

  • Create agreements about how to work together.
  • Make strategic growth decisions.

  • Change or create new personnel policies.

  • Write up next year’s team workplan.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 703-951-6647. 

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Emotional Intelligence And Stress Assessment

Emotional intelligence is a set of learnable skills we all have. What is your skill level?

Maybe you're already familiar with the concept of emotional intelligence, but you don't know a lot about your own skill level.

We use these skills to understand our own emotions, others' emotions, and manage our relationships and  stress levels.

At CM&F, we are certified to offer the EQ-i 2.0 assessment, a robust assessment created by psychologists and used in professional settings for over a decade. 

This assessment takes place online and comes with a one-hour coaching call to understand your results and identify any areas where you might want to make improvements. 

Learn more about your skills in:

  • Self-perception
  • Self-expression
  • Relationships
  • Decision-making
  • Stress management
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