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8 Steps to Build a Happier Team at Work

Hey Managers and Leaders! 

I don't care if you're a mid-level manager, low-level (first line) supervisor, or a C-suite executive in a large corporation - this list has important items to consider as the great resignation continues to impact us all and covid experiences continue to change the U.S. workforce. 

Previously I wrote about "3+ Ways to Be Happier At Work." This list is specifically for folks who supervise others or oversee teams - of any size, including leading large organizations. 

  1. Talk to people about how you do the work: How do they work best? How do they prefer to work? How are they getting along with their colleagues?
  2. Offer opportunities for connection: Whether it's a 5-minute ice-breaker, 10 minutes of unstructured meeting time, or formally planned social events, recognize that people need an opportunity to feel connected to each other unrelated to work tasks. 
  3. Create connection: Get to know your staff and other colleagues. Talk about what matters to you, personally. 
  4. Seek first to understand: Always, always listen without judgment - without evaluation - practice trying to see through someone else's eyes. 
  5. Provide a sense of purpose: Talk openly and facilitate conversations about why you do what you do - whether that's your own personal values, the team's purpose, or the organization's mission.
  6. Create space for people to be themselves: Stop frowning or rolling your eyes when people do something that would traditionally be considered "unprofessional" or is a little bit different from what most staff people do in your org. 
  7. Reconsider what "urgent" means: Too many businesses who don't actually provide life-saving services treat everyday actions with a great sense of urgency, and this increases the stress level when small things fall through the cracks. How important is it, really, for that particular task or conversation to happen this instant? 
  8.  Get creative: Build moments of laughter into your day and encourage others to be kinder to each other. 

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