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Top 3+ Ways to Be Happier At Work

#1 - Connection

  • To yourself!
    • No one is happy all the time (that’s not human), but the more you’re in touch with your own emotions the better able  you are to ride the waves of your emotions, make the most of your happier emotions, and move through and beyond the more difficult ones.
    • Protip: For one week, schedule 3 emotional check-ins with yourself - it shouldn’t take more than 2-3 minutes at a time. Try doing this as you start your workday, take a midday break, and end your workday. 
    • If you want a paper or online tool to use for this, email me
  • To purpose! A sense of purpose is only as good as our connection to it. If you are focused on your purpose the way some people focus on goals, you’re probably all set here.
    • If you have been feeling like work just pays the bills, well, maybe it does - and there’s nothing wrong with that. You can explore on your own or with a manager how your work connects to the greater mission of the team or organization.
    • Purpose and values are different - to connect with your values, spend some time reflecting on, writing about, or talking with others about what is most important to you in life. And if someone at work asks you to do something you’re uncomfortable with, tell them! Listening to those internal nudges help us stay true to our values.
  • To PEOPLE! When was the last time you made a new friend? Your coworkers are open and available!
    • Ask a coworker to meet you for coffee.
    • Pick up the phone, instead of emailing about a task, and as part of the conversation ask the other person how they’re doing. 
    • Ok, I don’t know your coworkers, but seriously: People generally appreciate the social aspects of work. And we know that people who have a “best friend” at work are 7x more like to feel engaged in their work!

I promise: I am not telling you to go decide someone you work with is your new best friend. (That’s dumb.) I AM telling you to create opportunities to connect with whomever you work with that makes you feel good! 


    1. Connect to yourself and your emotions. 
    2. Connect to your purpose and values.
    3. Connect to a coworker, like they’re your friend.
    4. Ask for help - people feel a greater sense of connection to someone when their expertise is valued. 
    5. Take a chance on initiating a conversation with someone over a meal. 

#2 - Boundaries

  • See above re speaking up about any requests that make you uncomfortable. This is a values-based boundary, and it should be honored.
  • Then there are time-based boundaries. Do you generally stop working at 5pm? It doesn’t matter WHY - that’s when you stop. Stick with it, as much as possible. Paid work is not your whole life. 
  • Responsibility-based boundaries are also a thing. Are you often asked to do tasks that are not related to your job? That are not part of what your supervisor reviews you on? That are not a source of additional pay? Speak up and say no! (These are often things asked of women - like office housework.)

#3 - Life!

Consider: How do you live outside of work? What do you do that makes you happy? That energizes you? That relaxes you? Do more of those things. 



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