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8 Things Leaders Should Consider in a Post-Roe World

Let's get straight to it, shall we?

  1. Does your organization's health insurance cover abortion? 
  2. Does your organization's health insurance offer funding or some kind of coverage when people have to travel for medical care, no matter what type of care?
  3. Does said health insurance cover gender-affirming care for trans employees and dependents?
  4. Do you offer a general PTO (paid time off) policy, or a generous combination of vacation + sick leave + personal days? And as importantly, do you and your fellow managers use a generous approach? If leave needs to go through an approval process, is the process clear? 
  5. Does your organization advertise - and follow through on - paid time off for voting? 
  6. Does your organization make political donations? If so, are you including an abortion access record in figuring out who to donate to? If you're not sure about this, how can you find out?
  7. Are people beginning to talk more openly about abortions at work? If so, how are you - both the organization and you as a person - supporting them? 
  8. If you believe none of this should be relevant to your work - well, I'm not sure why you're still reading. But if you are and you're still struggling to see the relevance, consider: How much does being a parent impact a worker's life? How might you support parents, women, and pregnant people? 

The truth is, the best workplace policies make a poor substitute for legal protections. A right - whether created by unelected courts, written into a constitution (state or federal), or written into law - affects everyone, not just those people one organization happens to employ. Still, you can do something - and if I can help, please let me know


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