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What to Expect in Professional Facilitation

facilitation Sep 24, 2018

To facilitate simply means to make something easier. Professional facilitation services make meetings go more smoothly. An outside facilitator is especially helpful when your meetings require decisions. And honestly, why have a meeting where a decision isn’t necessary?


For example, if your group needs to discuss:

  • Project updates and management issues

  • A strategic growth direction

  • Creating or updating a strategic plan

  • A potential policy change

then bringing in a facilitator from outside your organization lays the foundation for a successful discussion.


A professional facilitator will help your group:

  • Stay focused and timely.

  • Ensure all voices are heard.

  • Create decision-making criteria before an idea takes hold.


So how does facilitation work at Chantilly Mediation and Facilitation? Every facilitation engagement is unique. The process is customized for your group’s needs, from timing and space to considerations for personalities on the team. But basically, here’s the process you can expect:

  1. An initial consultation via phone or email (for free!) to understand your unique parameters.

  2. A series of pre-meetings with the meeting planner(s). The purpose of the pre-meetings is to fully understand your needs and goals. These pre-meetings may include multiple stakeholders.

  3. The facilitated meeting or meetings. This is the fun part - it’s what you hire us for! With the help of a third-party facilitator, everyone in your meeting will feel heard and most - if not all - will feel comfortable moving forward with the group decision.

  4. Post-meeting notes. Part of the pay-off in hiring a professional facilitator is that you don’t just get a smooth meeting that accomplishes its goals (though that’s a pretty big win!). You get notes on what was decided in the meeting and how the group will move forward. You can add these to your own meeting notes to document a fuller picture of what happened.


Facilitated meetings are smoother meetings. Consult with us today.


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