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A New Year's Reflection on Purpose

perk purpose Dec 16, 2021

'Tis the season!

Resolutions are simply promises we make, whether to ourselves or others. New Year's resolutions tend to be those we make that somehow connect to being better people - or perhaps, behaving in a manner more in the way we want to behave. 

For me, that brings to mind purpose and values. It is never a bad idea to reflect on our WHY - why do you want to make that particular resolution? Why haven't you made that change yet? Why do you want to behave differently? Sometimes better understanding our WHY helps us to get to the right how

At work, too often, when someone asks "Why?" they get told some variation of "Well that's how we've always done it." (I have literally been told this. And some of my clients have, too.) 

Don't get me wrong: Familiarity is a nice thing to experience, when we're stressed, or when it's a family custom at the holidays. 


When we break away from what's familiar, then we can start to:

  • Innovate
  • Simplify
  • Standardize
  • (Re)Connect to what is really important

Share your WHY with me: What is really important to you about why you do your job, whatever it might be? 

Perhaps taking a few minutes to reflect on your WHY can help you feel reconnected to it this season. 


We'll be talking more about Purpose in the fourth workshop in our Happier Workforce Series, January 13, 12pm eastern - learn more and save your spot!


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