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Listen Better to Be a Better Leader

2020 has been quite the year - and it ain’t over yet!

But one wonderful thing I’ve experienced is my love of partnering with others to deliver great content to people.

First, I partnered with Dr. Melissa Bird, the Natural Born Rebel, to bring you the Graceful Revolution for Managers.

Now, I’m partnering with Lisa Wilson, of LMW Consulting, to bring you Listen, Talk, Lead.

Both of these rock star women entrepreneurs let me do what I do best: talk about empathy, active listening, and communication, while they do what they do best - share stories, encourage you to trust your intuition, and learn to be the best version of you no matter where you are in your leadership journey.

2020 is teaching us a lot about good leadership, if we’re interested in paying attention. Countries where political leaders trust the scientific experts, and admit when things are going to difficult, got to flatten the COVID-19 curve more quickly. Countries where leaders feel they have to be in charge no matter what are seeing the resurgence of COVID-19 in places where it had not been so bad.

Leaders who listen well excel, no matter what the context is for their leadership - political, entrepreneurial, or something else.

Listening well can be difficult! Many of us learn that:

  • listening to others means ignoring our inner voices;

  • listening to others shows weakness or indecision;

  • listening to others is only important so you can appear to be polite;

  • listening to others is less important than persuading others.

The truth is that listening well - truly listening to understand - is the best way to, well, understand. And you can’t make your own best decisions or support others unless you understand a bit about what they’re going through and where they’re coming from.

Join Lisa & I on November 17 at noon for Listen, Talk, Lead, a 90-minute interactive online workshop - you don’t want to miss this! And at $50 per ticket, the price is a steal. Reserve your ticket today.


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