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2 Chances to Learn Online This Month!

I’m super excited to partner with PATHZ and Arkin Youngentob, a division of Risk Strategies, to bring you two opportunities to learn to be a better communicator in February.

What you can learn:

  • What active listening means

  • How to listen to understand

  • What curiosity has to do with conflict & communication

  • Go-to questions to ask when conflict is brewing 


First up:

Listen! Can You? Listening Skills for Better Problem Solving

Too often, we listen to others while doing something else: composing our response, judging their behavior, thinking about what to eat for dinner, etc. In this live, interactive webinar we’ll talk about what it means to actively listen. That means listening fully, focused on understanding the other person’s perspective, without judgment. This live, highly interactive webinar will include an opportunity to practice active listening with a partner - from the comfort of your own home! We ask that participants use video if possible. 

Tuesday, February 18, 12:00pm-12:45pm - $50 registration fee - Register here or share the description.



Curiosity, Conflict, and Communication 

People generally don’t like talking about conflict. As a mediator, I talk about conflict all the time - but most of the time what I’m really talking about is listening and emotions. I also ask a lot of questions. The benefits of curiosity for all forms of communication cannot be overstated. In this live webinar, we’ll review the benefits of curiosity, approaches to conflict, go-to questions you can count on, how mediators resolve conflict, and resources for when you need help. 

Thursday, February 20, 10am-11am - free - Register here or share the description.


I love partnering with organizations to teach skills like asking questions and listening. First, there’s the fact that asking questions and listening go hand-in-hand - asking a question and not listening to the answer is disrespectful, and yet, it happens all too frequently. Second, I know how difficult it can be to maintain great interpersonal skills in the workplace - there are so many stresses that overwhelm us and make it difficult to just, well, be nice. The more opportunity people have to practice interpersonal and emotional skills, the better equipped we all are to deal with overwhelm and adversity. 

Check out one or both of these webinars to brush up on your listening and communications skills.


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