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Employee engagement trainings, conflict resolution services, and group decision-making processes.

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  • How to Play Nicely with Others

  • PERK Up Your Workforce

  • Listen! How to Be a Better Manager

  • How to Be Happier at Work

… and more! Completely customizable trainings to learn how to be a better leader; how to build an engaged, productive, and resilient team; and how to resolve conflicts on your team.

Our trainings are always research-based and focus on skills development.

Call us if you:

  • Have seen an uptick in stress and a decrease in productivity on your team.

  • Want to learn keys to becoming a better manager or team leader.

  • Are putting together a larger meeting or retreat and need to spend part of the time on setting ground rules.

  • Feel like your team needs to define its own group norms.

  • Are worried about a situation potentially escalating into a hostile situation.

  • Hear about or observe ethnic or racial jokes or slurs in the office.

  • Were told you need to listen to your staff or clients more.

For a complete list of trainings, or to talk about team building or employee engagement, contact us.


Mediation is a dispute resolution process in which a trained, neutral third party helps people create mutually satisfying solutions. Every mediation ends with people who understand what is expected of them. And, they have already agreed to meet those expectations.

Call Us if you’re dealing with:

  • Chronic lateness or absenteeism.

  • An employee or contractor not meeting expectations.

  • Contractors or sales people misrepresenting your firm.

  • Coworkers whose argumentative relationship gets in the way of productivity.

  • Unhappy clients looking for remediation or ways to improve the working relationship.

  • Or, you and your business partner just aren’t seeing eye-to-eye anymore.

Mediation is confidential, voluntary, and typically less expensive than either firing and hiring a new employee or using a lawyer for legal services.

Mediation services are typically arranged through a team leader, business owner, or HR representative.

Solving problems should never wait.


Whenever you wonder if hiring a professional facilitator is worth the expense, the answer is yes. Hiring a professional facilitator allows you to fully participate in the meeting process - whether it is focused on decision-making, strategic or programmatic planning, project management, or team-building.

A professional facilitator will:

  • Help you clarify meeting goals and expectations.

  • Make sure the right people are invited to participate.

  • Identify a process for the group to make decisions.

  • Ensure all participants feel welcome and heard.

  • Hold people accountable for the decision-making process.

  • Ensure the meeting sticks to the predefined time.

  • Use research-backed methods to build team productivity.

Call us if your team needs to:

  • Do strategic planning.

  • Plan and manage projects.

  • Hold social impact discussions.

  • Make strategic growth decisions.

  • Change or create new personnel policies.

  • Write up next year’s team workplan.

  • Define the team’s or organization’s purpose, vision, and mission.

  • Explore ways to build new business.

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