Learn the Secrets to Building a Happier Workforce

A new series of online workshops covers five keys to a happier workforce. 

Get practical tips to combat turnover and low morale, and increase your team's productivity.

What are the keys? 

There are four keys to building a happier company culture: Purpose, Engagement, Resilience, and Kindness (PERK).

Our fifth topic is conflict management - because disagreements can happen even in close-knit groups. 

These are so important for a positive work culture that we're devoting one workshop to each topic.

What will I get in these workshops?

A highly interactive online  experience!

Learning these tips will:

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease stress
  • Create a learning environment of committed employees who WANT to work for you.

Next: No More Burnout

A Leader's Guide to Resilience

The burnout epidemic is real, and it was real before the covid pandemic started. Let us help you understand what burnout is and how you can build resilience for yourself and your team.

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Why Are We Here? An Employer's Guide to Purpose

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Thursday, January 13 at Noon Eastern

To develop a positive work culture, you need people to buy into the reason the organization exists - and to live their own values at work.

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Managing Conflict: An Employer's Guide

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Thursday, February 10 at Noon Eastern

It's important to acknowledge that conflict will happen. Let us teach you what to do when it happens.

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Kindness at Work

This was the topic of our first workshop. We covered: 

✅  Kindness as a leadership skill.
✅  Kindness for any group may mean difficult conversations with an individual.
✅  Clarity is always kind!
✅  Kinder policies are flexible, and all policies should be communicated positively.

Engaged Employees

This was the topic of our second workshop. We covered: 

✅  What engagement at work means and looks like.
✅  Key questions managers can ask one-on-one with team members to understand their engagement level.
✅  The importance of letting people get uninterrupted work time.

Come to all 5 sessions, get a free consultation.

Sometimes learning the ropes in a group setting just isn't enough. 

You need the space to talk and think through a better way to lead, and I would love to be your guide. 

If you purchase spots in all five workshops, you can schedule a free, one-hour consultation with me to explore what happiness means in YOUR workplace.