Learn the Secrets to Building a Happier Workforce

A new series of online workshops covers five keys to a happier workforce. 

Get practical tips to combat turnover and low morale, and increase your team's productivity.

What are the keys? 

There are four keys to building a happier company culture: Purpose, Engagement, Resilience, and Kindness (PERK).

Our fifth topic is conflict management - because disagreements can happen even in close-knit groups. 

These are so important for a positive work culture that we're devoting one workshop to each topic.

What will I get in these workshops?

A highly interactive online  experience!

Learning these tips will:

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease stress
  • Create a learning environment of committed employees who WANT to work for you.

Engaged Employees:

An Employer's Guide

Struggling with low morale & high turnover?

Learn the keys to engaging your employees.

This one-hour workshop will be highly interactive and will focus on equipping you with practical tools.

Thursday, Nov. 11 at Noon Eastern

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No More Burnout:

An Employer’s Guide to Resilience

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Thursday, Dec. 9 at Noon Eastern


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Why Are We here? 

An Employer's Guide to Purpose

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Thursday, Jan. 13 at Noon Eastern


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Managing Conflict: 

An Employer's Guide


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Thursday, Feb. 10 at Noon Eastern


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Come to all 5 sessions, get a free consultation.

Sometimes learning the ropes in a group setting just isn't enough. 

You need the space to talk and think through a better way to lead, and I would love to be your guide. 

If you purchase spots in all five workshops, you can schedule a free, one-hour consultation with me to explore what happiness means in YOUR workplace.

Kindness at Work

This was the topic of our first workshop. We covered: 

✅  Kindness as a leadership skill.
✅  Kindness for any group may mean difficult conversations with an individual.
✅  Clarity is always kind!
✅  Kinder policies are flexible, and all policies should be communicated positively.