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Achieve Higher Profits

Companies with highly engaged employees are more profitable, innovative, productive, happier places to work than those without highly engaged employees.

Employee engagement includes many factors, most of which are interpersonal - feeling that your manager supports you, you have friends at work, and someone at work cares about your learning and career development.

We foster engagement by training employees at every level about emotional intelligence, combining theory and practical tips for everyday use.

Invest in our services today to increase productivity and profits.

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Approach to Pricing

We work closely with our clients to provide exactly what they need, no more and no less.

You will not be forced into a specific training or outcome that does not fit your unique workplace culture and challenges. You will not be sold extra services that do not make sense for your needs. Pricing is alway clear up front, before services start.

For workshops and mediations, pricing information is typically shared in our initial conversation and is set per session (one set cost per mediation session or per workshop). For facilitation, pricing is project-based, and is included in the formal proposal we submit for your consideration.

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