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When You're the Micromanager (Part 2 of 2)

  1. control every part, however small, of (an enterprise or activity). 
It's hard, right? When you're a manager and you want to ensure the work is getting done in the right way and on time.... OR.... you're an employee and you're dealing with a manager who's trying to control and monitor every aspect of your work. 
Our last post was written for employees. 
Now, what do you do if YOU'RE the micromanager? 
First, how do you know if you're micromanaging people? This can be a tough one, but here are some tips to recognize your actions: 
  • You ask for status updates anytime the desire for information pops into your head
  • You don't trust that your employee(s) are working on what you want them to
  • You don't trust that your employees are working, at all, unless you can see them working 
  • With remote work you've implemented, or requested, one of those remote tracking softwares - you know, the things that track keystrokes or eye...
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Top Tools For Virtual Facilitation and Meetings

Recently earning a Certified Virtual Facilitator™ credential, we have spent countless hours researching and test driving online tools to really wow our clients. Some work great; some had a learning curve before delivering; and some aren’t worth the time. 

When looking for new collaboration tools for facilitation, we evaluate them in the following areas:

  • How easy are they for everyone to use, even those who are less familiar with tech?
  • How well do they integrate with common tools, such as Zoom?
  • How do they help the whole team communicate, especially those who might be inclined not to participate, for any reason?
  • How many fun or intriguing features do they have, to get people excited about trying them out?

Here are a few standouts to explore. 


SessionLab is a planning tool for group gatherings that includes a curated library of all kinds of facilitation activities. We love these because they help people get involved without the standard practice of...

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